Speaking of Walls…


A photograph of photographs portraying the beautiful decay of the Berlin Wall, hanging on another wall in The Works Bakery/Cafe on Main Street in Brattleboro.  The exhibit is called “The Wall: Lessons from Berlin,” a seemingly poignant commentary on yet another (proposed) wall, with photography and text by artist William Dixon.  From the exhibit, “The Wall’s history illustrates, once again, the futility of this form of political problem solving.”



IMG_5849 (1)

Photograph of me, taken by the ARTist, Madeline Fan.  See my previous post about A Museum Up in Arms to make sense of it all, and to learn why in the world I’m kissing a 15-foot painting of a gun.

To the River


An image from the day when a fine group of volunteers (my husband and father-in-law included) helped to clear the river view of sick and dying trees as a part of the NEA “Our Town” Grant funded ART project, “From the River, To the River,” which is aimed at reconnecting Brattleboro’s citizens with the serene Connecticut River.  The opening celebration will be on Friday, July 1st.  Click Here to visit their Facebook page and learn more!