Down the Crapper


This piece of public art is proudly displayed outside of an antique store on Main Street in Middletown, CT.  It may not look very large, but it towers about 10 feet tall, and, well, needs no explanation whatsoever.  Enjoy.


Castle ARTchitecture


Gillette Castle, built in 1919, and located in Hadlyme, CT, is a magnificent oddity of an estate (now museum and Connecticut State Park), which sits atop the southernmost of a chain of hills knows as the Seven Sisters.  It was the personal residence of actor William Gillette, who was famed for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in stage performances.  The sprawling 184 acres feature panoramic views of the Connecticut River, hiking trails, a pond, and beach.  And tucked away in every corner is design evidence of the eccentric former owner.  

Pedestrians in Crosswalk


Sometimes it really is the small things that can brighten a person’s day, and this delightfully simple stencil on an everyday pedestrian sign is no exception.  Catch this dapper individual attempting to deliver a bouquet to someone on the other side of Main Street in East Haddam, CT!

Rusty Nails and Severed Limbs

Just driving around Old Saybrook, minding my own business, and BOOM!  What vortex have I just travelled through?  I could only think, “I don’t think I’m in Connecticut anymore.”  With a simple sign above a warehouse door that read, “Wrought Iron,” as well as semi-abandoned and fully complete works of fabulously morbid/whimsical/grotesque art, I was instantly smitten in the grittiest kind of way.  I will adventure further into this wrought iron vortex and report back what I find!  Until then, CHECK THIS OUT!