On the Edge of Art is a blog dedicated to documenting the beautiful, strange, and sometimes repulsive aspects of life, as represented through art, which is widely understood to act as a mirror for existence.  That’s the kind of stuff that makes me tick.

Oh, and meI’m Angel.

I’ve been a photographer for about a decade now, and have found an immense amount of solace on lonesome wanders, photographing the dynamic power struggle between man & nature, and using those quiet times to ponder my own struggling existence on this planet.

And that’s art for you, offering yet another language in which to express the highs and lows  of this tumultuous roller-coaster we call life.  I enjoy hunting for artistic creations, and delight in the feeling of connectedness with someone who I may never have met, yet feel the honesty of their heART and soul exploding from their work.

I’ll show you some of my own repulsive heART-exploding photographic work, as well as conduct interviews, share information about local events, and much more.  In essence, On the Edge of Art is a labor of love, and an homage to all of my named and anonymous brothers and sister in creation.

Love, Angel


One thought on “About

  1. Thanks for your peice on Ross Smart. I will be taking a class with him tomorrow at the River Gallery where I first saw one of his houses. Though I’ve only seen the one house and the photos you posted in your article.
    I feel a real connection with the art he makes and the things he has collected.
    I have also taken a look at your photos and understand an enjoyed your work and your subject matter. I have recently moved from up state NY to NH. it’s been two years now but I have just started to make a connection to the local art Community. Thanks for being part of that.
    Sincerely, Vimala Steadman


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