At My Feet


While walking on the streets of Brattleboro, a quick glance at your feet may unveil a mysterious set of items, seemingly open to interpretation.  These pieces of industry are embedded in the sidewalk entering the Harmony Parking Lot.


Downtown Deco


From the corner of Flat and Main Streets, all you have to do is look up to see a Greco Deco relic standing in place.  The Latchis Hotel and Theatre was constructed in 1938, and has gained the esteemed reputation as one of the most uniquely beautiful and historical buildings in Downtown Brattleboro.  Read This Article from The Commons in 2011 for some background on the building, history of the movie industry, and a profile on the Latchis family.

Act Natural, Darwin


Down by the train tracks, with local street art as a vibrant backdrop, I met Darwin, a 28-year old Navy Veteran, who’s been hitchhiking for 7 years through 49 states.  Darwin’s a passionate writer, recording the epic tales of his travels to beautiful lands, as well as the special people he has met along the way.  His writings are in his hands, in this photograph of a gentle soul on the move, and one day he hopes to publish them in a collected work.  I hope to stumble across it just as I stumbled across him.  Godspeed, my friend!