Man, was it a hot one out there today!  The Heifers were Strolling north through the heat of Main Street, and spectators were out in great numbers, people crowding into the cool shadowed spaces of Downtown Brattleboro to watch the parade go by.



However, not everyone was shying away from the shining sultry sunshine- some people even seemed to be energized by solar power!  Two of these sunflowers were ARTists Laura Momaney and Jacob Alan Roberts, photosynthesizing paint into delicious food-for-thought.

The two ARTists and friends were picking up where they had left off, with the “Masks Mural” in the parking lot of the New England Youth Theater on Flat Street. (Visit This Link for my previous spotlight on this mural, and to see how it is taking shape over time.)

The most beautiful pART of this process in my opinion is the living/breathing nature of a mural of this size and grandeur, with multiple contributing ARTists’ hands.  From one day to the next, little indecipherable changes can be taking place, a brushstroke here or a new mask there, until you start to notice that there is a whole new layer of activity.  It’s bubbling with an unnerving and undeniable life of its own, and it is outright spectacular to witness.

Grooving and jamming out to music from the open truck in the parking lot, with makeshift stands for reaching higher heights, and tens of gallons of rusting-topped paint cans, today’s operation was planned-out by a mobile brigade of renegades.

Laura’s work can be seen every day on the chalkboard outside of Metropolis bar on Eliot Street, where she creates revolving chalk murals to delight the masses of pedestrians who pass by on ground level.  Jacob used to reside in Downtown Brattleboro, co-founding SuperFresh! Organic Cafe, but today was visiting from his new home in Syracuse, NY.



I felt very lucky to catch wind of the two ARTists impending party/work day down at the theater, that I had to go down and say “Hello, How Ya Doin’, and Thank You!”  This mural is a huge pART of my life, woven into my daily existence in this small town which is not my big city home.  Some aspects of town remind me of where I grew up in Staten Island, NY, but nothing quite makes me feel “At Home” like this massive piece of ever-changing street ART.


Night-time view of the Masks.

I’ll say it again, and again, and again, THANK YOU!  To every ARTist and contributor, named and anonymous alike, who have had a hand in bringing this masterpiece to life, you are my hero, a powerful display of how volunteer time can be spent positively, and talented as eff!

Hope to catch you next time around and maybe I’ll even pick up a paint brush.  Until then,

Love, Angel


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