What He Said

Everything about graffiti is powerful.  

Mysterious. Subversive. Anonymous. Perishable.  

The artist becomes a kind of masked superhero.  It is just as critical to our modern culture as ancient cave paintings and scrawled complaints in Latin on Roman walls.”

Scot Mackinnon, my dear father-in-law, stolen from a private e-mail exchange.


Siiri Lane


Walking by the Latchis Theatre gallery space on Main Street, I saw these breath-taking paintings all lined up and ready to be hung.  I entered the room and excitedly asked the woman in the chair, “Is this your work?  It’s beautiful!”  Her name is Siiri Lane, and she says her artwork expresses an emotion journey.  The painting all the way to the left (that I sort of cut off in the photo) was inspired by her first hot flash!  Check out her exhibit in the gallery as well as the Main Theatre for the month of July!



A Curious Staple of Downtown Brattleboro, photographed here is a painted advertisement from the early 1900’s (restored in the 1980’s) for Carter’s Little Liver Pills.  Very popular in their time, these little liver pills supposedly cured headaches, constipation, dyspepsia (indigestion), and biliousness (excess bile).  This painting towers over pedestrians on Elliot Street, and adds a novel and comical flair to the neighborhood.

Progress Report


Here is your heat of the Summer update on the Ground Level Street ART that graces the steps on South Main Street.  Compare this masterpiece to a month ago by visiting my previous post Here!  The progress is amazing!  And don’t forget to go for a short walk South of Downtown to visit this peaceful and enlightening work!

Writings on the Wall



Two new pieces of brazen social commentary in Brattleboro, harkening back to the graffiti and cave paintings from yesteryear, proclaiming the supposed problems and solutions to many of the issues facing local citizens.  Here, some ideas, written on the walls.