Just Because

Walking to work, I get to see a lot of ground level things that would go unnoticed by many- dandelions sprouting from cracks in the cement, animals hiding in the bushes, interesting conversations evesdropped upon, and newly painted street art! 

Here is a little gallery of an ever-changing new piece, on some broken-down steps on South Main Street, just as you turn left up the hill south of Downtown.  The artist, who politely declined being photographed, is doing their part to “Be The Change,” as this new piece of colorful art explodes from an otherwise overlooked and downtrodden space.

I have noticed an increased presence of people sitting on these steps, which is a beautiful testament to the attraction that people of all walks of life feel toward vibrant art, and perhaps to the people who create vibrant art.  The artist admitted to smudging the steps with sage a few times to clear out the lingering energies that people may leave behind, and it is clear that there is a great deal of pride that they take is converting these steps from dilapidation to pure creation.

The work is growing more and more every day, with empowering messages of unity and love, as the images express spiritual entities and goddesses, and the words exclaim loudly that “We are One!”

I am thankful for this burst of light on my walk to work, and as I’m excited to see it progress every day, it brings many smiles to my face to know that someone out there is doing this.  Stay tuned for updates!!

Love, Angel


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