Two Skulls in One Day

Today, I sent a photo of Brattleboro Train Art as a submission into a Silent Auction to benefit Staten Island Arts.  The love runs deep and the honor is immeasurable.  But what happened on my way back from the post office, after wrapping and packaging, and paying, and sending that labor of love down to NY, was that I was blessed by the Train Art Gods.  I knew it when I heard the triumphant horn blaring, that these ones were going to be really good.

And they were.  Here’s a little tiny taste of one motif that emerged from the paint.


Two skulls, of completely differing artistic styles.  No value judgements or better or worses to be found here, just appreciation and respect.


Thanks be to these skulls for allowing me time and space for a true inventory of my emotions and perspectives on art.  You both shine bright like a dirty rock diamond to me.

Love, Angel


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