Obituary II



It is with a heavy heART that I report to you the death of yet another piece of public ART around Brattleboro.  “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow,” is a phrase that any self-respecting graffiti-lover just has to get used to, but I’ll tell you, the sorrow never fully goes away.

Here is an image of a stencil that waited for me every day as I passed through the Harmony Tunnel off of Main Street.  We would share a gaze for a moment, then part ways again.  Little did I know that the last time would be just that, the last.

The stencil depicts E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, a character who will live in the memories of most Millenials as the first “scary movie” they saw, or the first depiction of an alien they had ever seen.

But to me, and others who passed by this silent figure everyday, E.T. had become much more; a shrouded observer, a secret-keeper, a solid mainstay, a confidant, and a loyal friend.

Rest in Peace, little dude.  You will be missed.

Love, Angel


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