Nature Challenge

A good friend of mine from Connecticut, a friend who also has a lovely relationship with her camera, recently challenged me to share a nature photograph for 7 days straight on social media.  I kindly obliged, and was pleasantly surprised at what a great exercise it turned out to be.

I chose to forgo the “photo-a-day-that-I-took-that-day”approach, in favor of something a bit more nostalgic.  I had wanted to sort through my mountain of pictures from me and my husband’s Honeymoon Roadtrip in 2012 anyway, so I decided that would be the theme of this photo series.

In order from the top left to the bottom right, these images are from:

 Covelo, CA  ♥  Dungeness, WA  ♥  Joyce Kilmer Forest, Robbinsville, NC  ♥  Cherokee, NC  Breaux Bridge, LA  ♥  Sequim, WA  ♥  Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA  ♥  Death Valley National Park, Beatty, NV  ♥  Yosemite National Park, CA


Thanks to Pamela for the nudge in the right direction, and thanks to all of YOU for checking out the USA through my eyes!

Love, Angel


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