Words Spoken

Many of my Thursdays will now be spent at SuperFresh! Organic Cafe for their new weekly Open WORD Mic!  I went tonight and was blown away by the honest and quirky verbal portrayals of self, life, time, and nature which were shared by the poets and literary ARTists alike.

Even I got up and shared a short story I wrote in 2003 when I was 17!  And all I felt was utter support and encouragement from the room, reading my own work aloud for the first time ever.

I jotted down some of the most intriguing stand-alone quotes from each piece.  So without names or faces to attach these words to, I’d love to share some of my favorite excerpts from each brave orator, to honor the truth and the courage that they embodied this evening.


Artwork by Remi Brooks

  • “It is through me that I can show you the way back to yourself.”
  • My feet on the ground, walking back, walking away.”
  • “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”
  • Dear Future, Nothing makes sense.”
  • “Come little one, let’s take residence on the tip of an iceberg.”
  • …Because ‘afraid’ can only hit you when you’re solid.”
  • “It is then that you will question what is real and what is not.”
  • Earn your scars, Seen and unseen.”
  • “Let your tears be your foundation.”
  • There are many ways to lose your mind, The choice is yours.
  • “Laugh until your bladder releases, and then laugh at the piss stain on your pants.”
  • Surrender, it’s okay, And float instead of fall.”
  • “All I wanted was for someone to stroll into my life and clean up the mess.”



Artwork by Remi Brooks

As usual, the walls of the cafe were adorned with gorgeous exhibitions of some of the truly outstanding local talent to be found right here in Vermont.  All of these images are of ARTwork by Remi Brooks, and (almost) all are for sale.  Check her inspired and inspiring work out!

Come by SuperFresh! Thursdays between 6-8 to hear and/or participate in the delightfully judgement-free expression of emotions through spoken word, and at all other times to fill up on delicious food and to view Remi’s beautiful work!

See you next Thursday!

Love, Angel


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