Local Spotlight

I offer this gallery to you as a friendly reminder that…

Even as a work in progress, Far from our goals, And even farther from the end, Every day can still be colorful, vibrant, inspirational, and full of love!

I won’t write too much about these pieces, because I’d like to leave you with your thoughts on these ones, so you can spend some real time with them.  And I encourage you to do just that- spend some time!  They live down at the New England Youth Theater on Flat Street and are pretty damn hard to miss!  However, the tiger creeping through the bamboo on the top of the page lives on the back wall of Thai Bamboo on High Street.


All mural work presented here is the creation of one of Brattleboro’s very best public ARTists, Jacob Alan Roberts, co-owner of Superfresh!

I am so thankful for Jacob’s art everyday!  I’ve had the pleasure of watching these pieces grow in the last year that I’ve lived here, and I am excited to see where they go from here.  Talk about a snapshot in time!

Love, Angel


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