Unfurling Ferns

***Unfurling Ferns


Every single time someone purchases a work of art/craft that I’ve created, it is such a deeply moving gesture of connection for me.  From people who wear jewelry I’ve made, to others sending greeting cards I’ve created, and now this totally new phenomena- actually selling photographs I’ve composed! 

It is a trip!

The truth is that I make what I like, not what I think others will particularly like very much at all.  They reflect moments of my life that tend to be very solitary, photography mostly gathered from years of filling my time with long wanders in the forgotten places that I loved so much.

So when someone connects with one of my images on a visceral level, it is legitimately like they are filling the space of my long-perceived emptiness.  They are relating to and loving the deepest, darkest parts of me, which I have long-considered unlovable, because on some level, they are filled with the same stuff.

When a good friend recently purchased this piece, entitled “Unfurling Ferns,” it was no exception.

The photo was taken in Clove Lakes Park on Staten Island, where I hail from, around 5 years ago.  It was a time of turmoil and new beginnings, a time when a past relationship had just ended and my head was nowhere to be found, except propped right up on my shoulders, as I walked these paths alone that we had once walked together.

I was searching for signs of life in the world around me to remind me that I could still be a fierce and powerful being, consisting of fire AND water, constantly at odds, but always making magic.  THIS was a photo from those days that has always stuck with me as a reminder that new life will always find a way to rise from the ashes, as pure and pristine as ever!

So to hear my friend say that this piece was the one that resonated with her the most, and represents her time here in Vermont, as a time of vulnerability and constant growth, well you could just imagine how floored I was.

And there was the connection. Bang and zoom, right to the moon.

As I prepare to part ways with “Unfurling Ferns,” I thank the creator for the many opportunities I’ve been given for rebirth and transformation.  I hope that my friend allows this image to comfort and nourish her in times of deep sea lows, and to always remind her that yes, she is a beautiful flower, but also a raging fucking wilderness.

Love, Angel


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