A Call to Local Creatives

cropped-copy-cropped-cropped-wheel_color_blckThe Arts Council of Windham County is hosting an ARTstravaganza  on Friday, May 6 during Brattleboro’s monthly Gallery Walk, and I AM STOKED!

I’m always up for a great party, so I joined up with their President and VP on the planning committee for May’s Arts Night soiree, which promises to be a grand celebration of the vast ways in which locals live creative lives in and around Windham County.

There are so many interesting ideas storming in our brains, drawing from a wide range of artistic avenues and mediums, including poetry, theater, chalk art, music, dance, the visual arts, and more!  It is an impressively inclusive smorgasbord of the colorful and expressive talents of people in this region.

My main contribution thus far has been proposing the idea of compiling images and clips that depict the process and/or product of what it’s like to live a creative life in Windham County.  The images will be projected as a slideshow on the wall of the River Garden during the ARTstravaganza as the festivities unfold.

This posting will serve as a formal call out to all of you local folks who want to show the world how you live your creative life!

This can be things like:

  • Photos of the art you create;
  • Clips from a performance, exhibit, or illustrations of you “creating”;
  • Anything else visually you want to share.

Individuals can submit up to 4 images & Organizations can submit up to 10 images.  Send me your stuff by April 6, 2016!

If you would like to submit your visuals to be included in the slideshow, please e-mail ME at AngelGrace.Arts@gmail.com

If you’d like to be a part of the planning process, please get in touch with the ACWC’s truly awe inspiring President Shanta Evans at Shantavns@gmail.com.
She’d love to hear from you!

Hope to see you in May!!!

Love, Angel



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