Setting the Scene

Hello, my name is Angel, and after a lifetime of bouncing around from one place to another, in search of the perfect ecosystem for my particular brand of animal, I believe I have found a place to stick around for a while.

I have lived in Brattleboro, VT for a bit over a year now, and with the best of both worlds, a little city vibe surrounded by the most beautiful of New England’s rural landscapes, this town is filled to the brim with young families, artists, musicians, academics, social changers, humanitarians, farmers, yogis, naturalists, and so many other crazy and unique humans contributing so genuinely to the whole of our town.

Brattleboro in Shadow, as seen from across the Connecticut River  (photo by me)

Beautiful inspirations and talents are literally around every corner, and I want to make it my mission to expose all of the sour and sweet creations and creators that fill this space and make it a place of such rich cultural and artistic textures- a place truly like no other, as the town’s motto triumphantly exclaims, “Brattleboro, The One and Only!

While I find traditional and classical works of fine art wonderful, I am most aroused by the more gritty, fringe-like artistry that’s “on the edge” of what some may even consider to be art.  I will dig deep into the human soil that nurtures Brattleboro’s unique spirit and honor all artists, especially the very off-color, left-of-center, and odd-ball artists that often get overlooked as prized gems of any community.


My own photography and writings will serve as evidence of the colorful life that exists in this area.  So get ready for a bumpy, sometimes dangerous, but always exciting ride through the social and cultural stratosphere of South Eastern Vermont, a story told by a native New Yorker, with all of the bells and whistles that go along with that!

Love, Angel

PS- To view my previous blog, Artlandish Pursuits, and witness (through photos) the moment I encountered and fell hard for Brattleboro, , please click here  !!!  There are some pretty cool musings on art and life on that blog, and if you read them, then you’ll have some perspective on who I am, like you knew me in a past life or something.



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